Thursday, August 10, 2006

Brisbane Day 1

The last leg of our trip was finally upon us. We were both excited but disappointed at the same time. It feels like we've been out here for a month. God knows what kind of mess Luke and Alan have been creating while I'm away from the office :) Our websites are still up, so that's a good sign.

Anyway, so now we are in Brisbane, which we have been looking forward too because its a little further north than Adelaide and Melbourne and the weather will be a little warmer. We were told by the taxi driver from the airport that the summers get to around 100 on a regular basis and it gets pretty humid. Glad we came in winter. Our first night was spent at the Stamford Plaza Hotel right on the Brisbane River. The view from our window on the 8th floor was pretty nice although the hotel room was a little outdated.

Considering this is where all the 'dignitaries' stay when they visit, you would think they may do some upgrades. Our bathroom was hilarious. On the vanity next to the sinks was a built in 5 inch black and white TV. You know, the one with the little dial that you turn to tune into the different TV channels. Maybe its there to just make older folks feel at home.

After settling into our room, it was time for dinner. Today, being a travel day from Adelaide, was going to be a day of relaxing. We decided that we would hop over to the south bank of the river, to a relatively new area, aptly named 'South Bank'. One great thing we found were the river ferries. They run up and down the river from 6am until around midnight. We hopped on one right outside our hotel and 15 minutes later were down the river on the other side, ready to explore.

There are footpaths all along the river bank which make it easy to get around. Along the south bank was a small park area, and a wide variety of restaurants, from Italian ( a common favorite in Oz) to Turkish. After an hour of walking around to explore, we settled on a Japanese restaurant for dinner. The food was pretty good, but not quite as good as home. Once we were finished, we caught the ferry back to the hotel and prepared for our next 2 days adventure at Tangalooma Beach Resort.

Anna's Aussie Tidbits:

Adelaide Airport Bathroom Sign: "Adelaide Airport uses recycled water for flushing - DO NOT DRINK." Who came up with that sign? Someone who tried the water or knew the person (people) who did?

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Yoel and Tina said...

We came across the same or similar sign in the public restroom at the top of Mt. Haleakala (on Maui) ... also confused by who would want to drink the water from a toilet ...