Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Anticipation Mounts

We are now only 2 days away from our departure to Australia. Our trip will involve a 3 stop tour, including Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. Of course the biggest adventure will be getting over there. Being 6'5" on an airplane is no fun, especially in Economy Class, for 17 hours. Guaranteed, the person in front of us will recline their seat as soon as we are up in the air, smashing my knees into tiny little pieces. Come on people, at least give me a little warning before you do that! With any luck, I will be able to get emergency exit seats once we check in. Our travel time will be much longer than 17 hours. We first have to get from San Francisco to L.A., with an 8 hour stopover, before our Qantas flight departs for Melbourne.

Once we arrive, we have approximately 5 days in each location. We are hiring a car for each leg, and will be travelling to various wildlife sanctuaries in the surrounding areas. Having just upgraded our digital camera, and purchasing some new lenses, we are hoping to capture some great shots, which will post here along the way. Highly anticipated are the Penguin Parade, near Melbourne, and wild dolphin feeding in Tangalooma (off the coast of Brisbane).


luke said...

Guaranteed, you will be having a blast with or without kneecaps.

We'll be thinking about you! Have fun!

Yoel and Tina said...

Looks exciting! We are monitoring the blog for your updates!

Crane family, San Francisco, CA