Monday, July 31, 2006

Melbourne Day 1

Finally, we made it down under. After 28 hours of travel time, we touched down at Melbourne Airport at 9:30 am. The flight was surprisingly good. Pleading with one of the stewardesses, landed us emergency exit seats, with tons of leg room. Each seat was also equipped with a TV with tons of movies and TV channels on demand which came in very handy. Anna, who claims she cannot sleep on airplanes, managed to sleep most of the way, and that was without the aid of tequilla.

After clearing customs, we made our way to pick up our rental car, which made us very nervous. Having to drive on the other side of the road is pretty scary. Luckily, Anna took it in her stride, and we survived our 15 minute ride to downtown Melbourne, although we did miss our exit, and get lost in the harbor district. Eventually we made it to our hotel (The Sofitel), where I promptly showered. (im surprised customs didnt pull me off to one side, cause it smelled like I had dead animals somewhere on me.) Maybe they need to add showers on those new double decker planes.

The hotel was amazing. We chose it for the views of the city. Our room was on the 37th Floor, overlooking downtown.

During the afternoon, we immediately hit the streets, dining on Wonton in Chinatown, Meat Pies by the Block Arcade, and Italian pastries at Brunetti's.



Brunetti's is located just off Lygon street which is famous for several blocks of italian restaurants, cafes and gelato shops.

By 8pm we were exhausted, and almost fell asleep in the hotel restaurant. Halfway through the meal, we asked them to serve the rest up in our room, which they were more than happy to do. We ate the rest of our food in approximately 2 minutes, plopped on the bed, and were sound asleep within minutes.

Anna's Aussie Tidbits:

Australians have 2 flushes on their toilets. Full flush & Half flush.


Mrs. Lee said...

We got those in HK too!

mrs. lee said...

.. the two flush toilet thingys