Saturday, August 05, 2006

Adelaide Day 1

Sorry again for the delay in posting, we have not had any internet access in the last 4 days. I will post pictures as soon as I can find an internet cafe where I can upload my own pics.

Our journey to Adelaide started out the same as any other journey, with a big argument at Melbourne Airport. Airports seem to bring out the worst of both of us. Turns out our flight was an 'international' one, as it continued on to Singapore after dropping us off in Adelaide. Which meant we were late checking in, and at the wrong terminal. We arrived at the departure gate about 3 minutes before boarding began. Anyway, we finally made it, and our wonderful journey continued.

Our first stop in Southern Australia was Victor Harbor, a small coastal community on the southern fringes of the state. We hired a car, and began our 2 hour drive down there. On the way we ran across a wonderful little wildlife park called Urimbirra, where we got to see even more Kangaroo Joeys. Apparently it is Joey season, and we came just at the right time to see them. They also had several Koalas, and for the first time, we actually saw one move :) Most of the time they are just sitting in a tree sleeping!

Following this we traveled to Victor Harbor to check into our Hotel overlooking the bay. The views were magnificent. As we drove in over the hill, we were gobsmacked.

Our evening entertainment had already been planned ahead of time. We were going to see more fairy penguins, which lived on Granite Island. The tour itself was pretty badly organized. There were over 100 people crowding the place, scaring away most of the penguins. We did get lucky and see a few penguins though, and luckily they allowed us to use cameras (unlike Phillip island). I have a few good pictures that I will post shortly.

Anna's Aussie Tidbits:

30 minutes time zones? Yep, Adelaide is 30 minutes apart from Melbourne. And when we go to Brisbane, it'll be another 30 minutes added on.

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