Friday, August 04, 2006

Melbourne Day 5

We originally planned on spending the day at another wildlife park, but decided we needed a day of rest instead. After a night of tossing and turning on our not so comfortable bed, we woke up in a very bad mood. So much so, we called the front desk to see if we could check out early without having to pay for the second night. They said no, and we decided to stick it out. Then a miracle happened. I heard screams coming from the bathroom. I ran in to find water bubbling up out of the bathtub drain. Well, it wasn't really water; it was yellow, with brown chunks. Anna was livid. She stormed downstairs to some babbling idiot at the reception, who was of no use. She came back and told me to pack our bags. She promptly called the Sofitel hotel where we stayed our first night, and spoke with their quest services manager, Terrence, who immediately arranged a room for us for tonight. An hour later when we checked out, the manager from the Windsor hotel showed up and offered to upgrade our room for the night. It was a little too late for that, so they didn't charge us for our first night stay, and didn't dare to charge us for the second night. Anyway, we are now happily settled in our room on the 43rd floor overlooking theYarra River.

The rest of our day was spent touring the various neighborhoods. We started out over at the Docklands area. This is an upcoming area, very similar to South Beach. We had lunch at a waterfront restaurant named Berth. Anna loved the glass fireplaces they had there. After lunch, we took a stroll back to Victoria Market, to do a little more shopping before we left. Our plan of getting souvenirs didn't work out, but we were able to pick up a hand carved wooden vase made by a local artist.

It's now 9pm, and we are sitting in a Kinkos/Fedex updating our blog before we depart for Adelaide in the morning. We may not have internet access for a few more days, but will update when we can.

Anna's Aussie Tidbits:

Iced coffee, it's not what you think! I ordered one during lunch and wondered why it took so darn long to get it. After all, it's just coffee over ice, right? What came to the table was something a little different. Coffee with milk, no ice, but a scoop of vanillla ice cream on top. Always ask before you order.


Yoel and Tina said...
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Yoel and Tina said...

Hey guys! Excellent blogging work and even more excellent photos. Absolutely beautiful, magazine-quality photos! Keep them coming. I love Anna's Aussie tips, too :)